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Guardians of the Galaxy! by thelearningcurv
Guardians of the Galaxy!
I was thankfully able to do sketch cards for the Guardians of the Galaxy card set by Upper deck and Marvel comics and it inspired me to get this work done for myself. Trying to make Rocket and Groot work is always fun and then everyone else helps to fill out the space with the energy they have.  I would have liked to add Agent Venom and Captain Marvel, but I wasn't able to make it work in this layout. I hope you enjoy it!
Batfamily1 by thelearningcurv
Working on my book had gotten really intense, so every once in a while I would work on this drawing to loosen up and get ready for page work...

I am always trying to challenge myself so I took this as another chance to do that. I did not have a strong Batman themed illustration in my portfolio so I felt it was long overdue.

Drawing "A Reason to Smile!" has had me doing a lot of crowd and group scenes. I realized that I really love animation, and I really love family styled stories. The Fantastic Four is a book I always go back to. I love Supernatural because of the family theme so what better way could I represent Batman than to use his family as my subject. The more I drew, the more I wanted to include those I've enjoyed in the books for one reason or another. I've drawn 11 characters here:

Starting Clockwise from 6 o.clock)
Damien Wayne (Batman's son, 5th Robin)
Red Robin (Tim Drake, 3rd Robin)
Cassandra Cain (2nd Batgirl)
Barbara Gordon (original Batgirl in her original new 52 costume)
Stephanie Brown (4th Robin and a 3rd Batgirl)
David Zavimbe (Batwing, Batman of Africa)
Helena Bertinelli (the Huntress)
Katherine Kane (Batwoman)
Jason Todd (Red Hood, 2nd Robin)
Richard Grayson (Original Robin)
Bruce Wayne (Batman himself)

This was a great exercise. I dealt with spacial relationships, positive and negative shapes/space, posing, characterization, and perspective. I've also been drawing more characters from a profile view rather than straight on or 3/4 for practice. I am still not entirely comfortable with it but I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zones....

I originally wanted a Gotham cityscape in the background.  I settled with the bat signal knowing that I will also be doing a mirror image with the Joker and the rest of Bat's rogue gallery (which I wish would have an Arkham Asylum backdrop! one day...) There is always more fun to be had, thanks for enjoying this ride with me! 
It's ME! Dr. Luigi! by thelearningcurv
It's ME! Dr. Luigi!

I've loved watching the Dr. Who television show ever since I got a chance to see it on Netflicks and am have found the show to be quite endearing. They say your first doctor becomes your favorite and the 9th is definitely mine. I have absolutely loved the history and entertainment that can be seen in the show and expect it to continue to be a great show that is broadcasted for generations to come.

I have also always loved the Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo gaming system. I have only recently been able to afford getting a WiiU and haven't gotten to play a Mario game since the old Super Nintendo system. Yea, it's been a while.

The more I would watch the Doctor and the more I played Mario, then more I started seeing the connection between the two.  The episode where the Weeping Angels surrounded the Tardis and as it escaped, had them locked in seeing each other, I realized that the Angels and the Boo's were the same. From then on, I made it my business to find the other connections.  In my illustration above, the Goomba's are the Sontaran's, the Mushrooms are the Adipose, the Shy Guy is the Empty Child, the Bloopers are the Ood, the Koopa Troopers are Cybermen, and the Buzzy Beetle are the Daleks. I even made sure King Koopa made an appearance as the Satan Demon. I debated putting Mario in a roman costume since he is suppose to be Rory, but I wanted to keep something authentically Mario, as well as keeping Princess Toadstood's hair color blond, even though she's suppose to be Amy Pond...I did make a pipe the Tardis, and Luigi as the Matt Smith Doctor because of their physical similarities. Luigi doesn't get enough love so I was happy to give him the staring role in my illustration!

If you would like a copy of this illustration to hang on your wall or give to your friend, email me at: 

and well find a way to make that happen!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the process!


A Reason to Smile Cover by thelearningcurv
My kickstarter campaign was extremely successful and I now have my very own book that I have written and illustrated called "A Reason to Smile!" I have been on this site for 7 years and have learned a great deal which is part of why I am now a self published author and illustrator and love to be able to get a copy of the book into your hands.

The book is 8.5x8.5 and is available both as a softcover and a hardcover. The softcover has 44 pages of story and art based in NYC about a little girl who is a walking silver lining. She loves to people watch and gets a chance to do a lot of that in the Big Apple. Occasionally, she gets a chance to help people, and though the problems don't go away, they find an easier way to manage the problems. 

The book also comes as a hardcover with 16 extra pages that include: behind the scenes information about the kickstarter and promotion, extra story and art based on the original story, written by me and illustrated by me and 5 other artists.  
Those artists include :iconkharyrandolph:, :iconpaigey::iconnicolasrgiacondino:, :iconsimpsonscameos: & :iconmini-sys:

Check out the kickstarter at…;
Check out the progress at

and email me at if you'd like your own copy of "A Reason to Smile!"


thelearningcurv's Profile Picture
Javier Cruz Winnik
United States
gotta love creating art of any kind=]

I mostly create comic book styled art with the various ventures into the realm of fine art. I have been attending comic book conventions for the past 4 years and am currently working on a children's book. I do custom illustrations as well as pencil and ink commissions.

Feel free to send me a note or e-mail me for any questions=]

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thanks a lot for that compliment! I have a childrens book coming out soon, so make sure you're on the look out so you can get yourself a copy!

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